This is just an overview, please contact me if you would like to see my CV.

Please note that in additional to my professional work, I have written various publicly-hosted projects and guides to refine my skills and learn new ones, and these are referenced below.

Area Description
  • Client-facing freelance analyst/programmer with a focus on data management and agile presentation
  • Skillset: problem analysis and liaison, databases (mainly PostgreSQL), web technologies (with Go and PHP), cloud/server administration (with AWS), Excel applications, C# forms
Analysis / Liaison
  • If the client knows exactly what the problem is and how to fix it, then great, I will help implement it.
  • But more often, the problem is clear but the solution is not, and I enjoy this part of the job: speaking directly to the people involved and coming up with various proposals and designs, which are then discussed and refined with management and other stakeholders.
  • Once the solution is designed and agreed upon, I work very quickly and directly and keep the implementation as simple and agile as possible, and document my work.
Databases and data management
  • 5 years of recent professional experience with PostgreSQL (see Tech Club PostgreSQL database)
  • Used Oracle and SQL Server for many years professionally too
  • Very experienced and skilled at relational database design and generally at data management
Server programming
Frontend programming
  • A few instances of recent professional experience with creating custom JS components
  • 2 years of recent project experience with Bootstrap, jQuery and related libraries (see Tech Club web application and businessConfig)
  • Some initial exploratory work with Angular 2 and react.js
Server administration
  • 3.5 years of recent professional experience with AWS EC2 and direct configuration of Ubuntu Linux servers via SSH, including bootstrapping a startup's IT framework from scratch (see Deploy an EC2 server, Configure the EC2 server etc)
  • Occasional professional experience with creating bash shell scripts
Excel applications
  • Many years of professional experience in the past with Excel / VBA in the finance industry (see Investalot)
C# forms
  • A few months of project experience developing a C# forms 2D game engine (see Toren's Tale)
Development process
  • 2 years professional experience in the past as head of an IT team: SCRUM, code versioning (Subversion), configuration management, issue tracking (JIRA), QA, etc
  • Native English
  • Fluent German (level C1+, many years of work experience in German offices)
  • Intermediate French (level B2, currently improving it)