Excel VBA / MS SQL Server financial application for a fictional investment company.


Investalot is an Excel VBA application for a fictional investment company. It uses MS SQL Server for the database.

Investalot was written as an exercise to practise Excel VBA skills that I haven't used professionally for several years. SQL Server is present, but really only used as a data store. The premise of the project, that there is a single busy Excel VBA developer in a team of investment managers, is based on my actual experience in the London financial services industry, but for this project I toned down the finance-specific content from my previous job and tried to focus only on the Excel techniques.

This project was originally conceived as a guide, and I wrote several pages of explanations of thought processes and the techniques used. These are listed below.


Archive of guide pages

Note that these pages were written when this project was intended to be a guide for inexperienced Excel developers. I have left them here in case they are still of value to someone.

Domain analysis

Project requirements and analysis Read the project requirements as stated by the fictional client, and break them down into technical implications.
Tool selection and outline Describe why we choose to use Excel to solve this problem, and outline how the tool should be structured.


Database design Describes the analysis process which led to the database design and looks more closely at data types.


Excel structural basics Explanations and tips about structuring an Excel application.

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