Tech Club PostgreSQL database

PostgreSQL 9.3 database for the Tech Club web application (a fictional IT learning club).


The Tech Club PostgreSQL 9.3 database is the database behind the web application written in PHP for a fictional IT learning club.

This Tech Club project as a whole was originally conceived as an end-to-end guide, and I wrote several pages of explanations of the techniques used. Those relating to the database are listed below.


Archive of guide pages

Note that these pages were written when this project was intended to be a guide for inexperienced web and database developers. I have left them here in case they are still of value to someone.

Section Summary
Load database locally Complete initiation and load the finished database schema on the local machine.
Database design Follow along with the analysis process which led to the database design, and look at schemas, tables, columns, constraints, etc.
Data access layer Discuss the reasons for having a data access layer, and explain what it is and how it works.
Add sample data Initialize the database and generate and add sample data.

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